Emergency Shelter

Shelter means many things to many people.

Safety. Respite. Education. Support. Options. Connections.

What is our program?

The residence program at The Laurel Center offers emergency shelter and support services primarily for individuals (18 and older) and their dependent children who are fleeing domestic violence or have experienced sexual violence. Age-appropriate service coordination is provided to all members of the family while in residence. Residents receive support in identifying employment, housing, and other support opportunities in the community.

Where would I live?

Individuals and families in shelter live in a communal environment, with shared bedrooms, telephone, bathrooms, kitchen, and other living space. While individuals and families are provided with basic necessities during their stay in addition to service coordination, residents are also responsible for helping to maintain a safe and clean emergency shelter for all residents.

How do I get into shelter?

Call our hotline at 540-667-6466 to speak with one of our advocates about our program.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911!

The Laurel Center services are open to all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender and/or gender identity, ability, national origin, and other characteristics protected by federal, state or local laws.


P.O. Box 14
Winchester, VA. 22604

24-Hour Hotline: 540-667-6466
Business Line: 540-667-6160
Fax: 540-667-0138

Warren County Sexual Assault Program

24-Hour Hotline: 540-305-1083

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