Warren County Sexual Violence Program

24 hour Hotline:  540-305-1083

Our 24-hour hotline is available to help those in crisis. We provide information and referrals to anyone who seeks assistance for ANYTHING.

The Warren County Sexual Assault Victim Advocate provides services to residents of Warren County and Front Royal. These services include:

Crisis Intervention Counseling  

  • individual psycho-educational counseling
  • emotional support and empowerment to non-offending caregivers, men, women, and teens who have experienced victimization at any time in their lives. 

Support Groups for Women, Men and Teens

  • Topics include: boundaries, healing, trauma, self-esteem, healthy relationships, and expression through art and journaling.

Hospital Companionship  

  • The Warren County Advocate is available to provide advocacy, support and crisis intervention to non-offending caregivers and victims of sexual assault at Warren Memorial Hospital during normal work hours.  The Warren County hospital does not have forensic nurses therefore victims who need the PERK exam are transported to the Winchester Hospital. The Laurel Center has Crisis Intervention Companions on call 24-7 who provide hospital companionship in Winchester. We are referred to the victim by forensic nurses and the service is provided at the victim’s discretion.

Legal Companionship/Advocacy

  • Advocates provide support and accompany victims/non-offending caregivers when filing reports and protective orders as well as attending court hearings and trials.  Our Advocates, Law Enforcement, Victim Witness, Commonwealth Attorneys, Social Services and court personnel work together in an effort to provide the best services possible for victims.

 Outreach and Education   

  • Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault Education is available to any person, group or organization.  We currently provide training for law enforcement, emergency medical services/first responders, medical staff, as well as college, high school and middle school students and staff.  Sexual violence is serious issue that affects entire communities; it should be a discussion everywhere!

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