Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention- Stopping the Violence Before it Starts

At The Laurel Center, we believe that violence is preventable. We are committed to working toward changing how we understand and stop sexual assault and intimate partner violence. By building partnerships and identifying the strengths and expertise that our partners offer, we have been able to forge solutions. The Laurel Center's prevention team is extensively trained in numerous prevention programs. We strive to educate, advocate, and proactively work towards eliminating sexual and intimate partner violence. 

Current programs include the following: 

Do You - Preventing Violence through Youth Empowerment 

The Do You program tackles interpersonal violence by promoting positive youth development and healthy relationships. Activities work towards building compassion and positive communication, social justice awareness, and media literacy.

Safe Dates - Ending Teen Dating Violence

Safe Dates is an evidence-based program that focuses on teen dating violence. This program helps teens critically examine interpersonal relationships, equipping them with the skills to address problematic behavior and promote healthy relationship habits. 

College-Based Prevention Programs - Developing Active Bystanders

We work closely with Shenandoah University and Lord Fairfax Community College to create events that promote safety and encourage bystander intervention. We also offer Green Dot bystander intervention training to colleges and universities interested in improving student safety.

Prevent Violence Initiative - Protecting and Preserving the Safety of our Communities 

The Laurel Center’s mission to empower survivors extends into a desire to create safer communities for all. We work closely with community leaders, groups, and organizations in Winchester’s North End community to combat racial inequality and other forms of systemic violence. Our collaborative work tackles sexual violence by promoting protective factors like emotional health and connectedness in the community.

Safe Church - Creating a Faith-based Movement to End Child Sexual Abuse

Safe Church is a year-long program focused on informing church communities about child sexual abuse and how to prevent it. Participating churches develop comprehensive policies and procedures and receive training, support, and guidance throughout the Safe Church process and beyond.


To learn more about these programs or to speak with our prevention team about bringing a program to your agency or group, please call our office at (540) 667-6160.


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