Capital Campaign

Restoring Hope from the Inside Out

 Some wounds are visible. We see the need, and we are compelled to care.

But there are other needs—just as great, perhaps greater—below the surface, beyond our view. Those, too, must be met.

The Laurel Center (TLC) believes that no one should have to live with violence or the fear of violence. We provide not only support for victims of domestic violence at the moment of crisis, but we work to stop the cycle of domestic and sexual violence … Restoring Hope from the Inside Out. Much like the individuals we serve, the building looks whole from the outside, but there is so much more to be done … on the inside.

Offering Hope and Healing … from the Inside Out

The Laurel Center’s counseling services and support groups provide a safe place to discuss the deeper issues surrounding abuse. We provide a safe place to consider the impact of abuse through shared discussions, education, and feedback in order for those we serve to grow more hopeful, empowered, and informed.

Survivors of domestic and sexual violence don’t always know what to ask. They come to us in crisis, with pain not everyone can see. Thankfully, our staff has the compassion and competence to ask the right questions, listen well, and connect them with the right services at the right time.

Whether it is navigating the complex legal system or receiving counseling services for their children and practical support to move forward, TLC is always there as an advocate and a friend.

Our residential program offers emergency shelter and support services primarily for individuals 18 years and older, as well as their dependent children who are fleeing domestic violence or have experienced sexual violence. Comprehensive care is provided to all members of the family while in residence, including assistance in identifying employment, housing, and other support opportunities in the community.

Because the need is so great, TLC took advantage of an opportunity to provide a new building adequate to expand its residential housing and enhance its programs and services.

Much like the individuals we serve, the building looks whole from the outside, but there is so much more to be done … on the inside.

Support for Restoring Hope from the Inside Out

Through the generous support of so many, our New Emergency Shelter and Outreach Center is up and ready to be completed. From the outside, everything looks in order, but we know that looks can be deceiving.

With support for a campaign Restoring Hope from the Inside Out, we will complete the interior, including big ticket items such as lighting, plumbing, heating and air, furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

The finished facility will dramatically improve our ability to support individuals and families who come to us at the most difficult times of their lives. We will provide more than just a safe shelter. We want them to feel this is a place that was prepared with them in mind—with privacy, calming décor and a soothing environment that exudes comfort and healing for victims and their children.

Once the building is finished inside, TLC will be better able to provide counseling and educational programs onsite. The entire facility will be handicapped-accessible so the needs of all our clients are met with consideration.

The completed Emergency Shelter and Outreach Center will offer: 

  • Conference, meeting, and group rooms for educational programs and training
  • Private counseling rooms for sessions with clients
  • Staff offices
  • Community Support Group areas 

Residence space will include: 

  • Eight individual bedrooms with bathrooms that will give families the privacy of their own rooms
  • Large kitchen and living area where individuals and families can gather to eat, read, or talk
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas for older and younger children
  • Respite room and outdoor leisure space where adults can find solace
  • Private counseling rooms
  • Support group meeting areas
  • Separate group area for teens
  • Computer lab, laundry room, and storage space

Where Hope is Within Reach

As a community, we have come so far. In the first phase, we raised $2.9 million to conduct studies, build the exterior and purchase the property. We are so close to making this dream a reality—a place where victims of domestic and sexual violence can find their way to a more hopeful future.

Your support for the capstone campaign allows us to make the inside of The Laurel Center’s new Emergency Shelter and Outreach Center as whole as it looks from the outside.

This campaign is not about a building. It is about what can happen on the inside—Restoring Hope from the Inside Out.

Campaign Goals for Restoring Hope from the Inside Out

Capital: $2,500,000

Endowment: $1,000,000

Total Goal: $3,500,000

Construction will begin in May 2017!


If you would like to support our Capital Campaign please mail your donation to:

The Laurel Center  

PO Box 14    

Winchester, VA 22604

Please write "Capital Campaign" on your check.

Gifts to the Capital Campaign are held in a separate reserve account and will be used for all building and campaign expenses (including but not limited to fundraising expenses) as well as capitalized costs that are approved by the Capital Committee. The Laurel Center is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization which makes all gifts tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please consider a separate gift to the Capital Campaign today.






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